Exam Microsoft 365 Identity and Services passed

Identity Sep 23, 2019

My next certification path will be the Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrators certification. So I booked for today the MS-100 exam and for the 28th of October the MS-101 exam.

Around 9:00 I was at the test center, drunk a cup of coffee, signed in and started with the exam. Of course there were questions about subjects that I did not had discovered yet. Around one hour later, I was finished with the exam and then comes the moment of truth, when you click on that important button. I was successful passed for this exam. YES! On to the next one.

For a complete list of my certifications, check my profile on Acclaim.


Jeroen Burgerhout

Microsoft Cloud Consultant | CTT+ | Author | Azure | Microsoft365 | Intune | AzureAD | ❤ @GriffioenS & @MiniBurgerhout | CEO (Chief Everything Officer) | 📸

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