Passed for Azure Administrator Associate

associate Dec 28, 2018

On Friday the 28th of December 2018, I had exam AZ-102 booked. So just before the end of 2018. This is my first and last exam of this year.

I didn’t learned much, so when I sat in front of the computer at the Testing Center, and started the exam, I was a bit nervous.

Some question were quit simple, but I also had a few question that I didn’t know what the answer was, so I clicked an random answer.

And then the moment of truth. After 1,5 hour, I hit the “Finish Exam” button and a few seconds later, I passed the exam. Yeah…. On to the next exam.

For a complete list of my certifications, check my profile on Acclaim.


Jeroen Burgerhout

Microsoft Cloud Consultant | CTT+ | MCT | Author | Azure | Microsoft365 | Intune | AzureAD | ❤ @GriffioenS & @MiniBurgerhout | CEO (Chief Everything Officer) | 📷

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